Terreni D' Oro Tuesday

Skipping Through Daisies

This post includes graphic images that may not be suitable for younger people….

People believe that country life is so romantic, but there are times that it is pretty horrible. Don’t get me wrong, 98% of the time, I love living out in the country. The part I don’t like is the death of our animals. These last past weeks we have had so many animals killed by coyotes. UGH!

We started off with 95 chickens, and 12 ducks, 2 geese, and 25 guinea hens. I will not have any more guinea hens. We started with 5, for the first round. Four of them died before they made it out of the nursery. A couple of them broke their necks trying to fly up through the screen, Two of them got out of their habitat, and got into the poison. 🙁 We had one left, that got to go out with all the chickens.   In the meantime we got 20 more guinea hens. We had them in their own big house. Fed them, watered them, cleaned their house regularly. It was time to let them out of their house. The first night it was time to go back into their homes, we had to round them all up. There were two that took off, and just as one was going back to the house…an owl swooped down and took off with it. It was so close I could feel the wings flap in from of me. Then another owl come out of no where and snatches up the other one.

A couple of days later the kids had a football game they wanted to attend. I took them to the city, and my husband was on chicken patrol. He locked up all the chickens, and he was getting ready to lock up the guinea hens when an owl rips the face right off one of the guinea hens. The rest of the guinea hens take off, and there were only two left. One of the two had his eyeball hanging out of his head. The next day around 3PM the other two were gone, no where to be found.

We are not sure what happened to the goose that is no longer around. It is hard to believe he would just up and leave. We saved his life when he was very young, and he was the protector of the ducks. The two geese and the ducks hung out together all the time. We know that one of the ducks was gone when we got home from a football game one warm evening. Then recently three of the ducks were missing. Here is what I found one day…

duck head Some of my favorite chickens are the silkies, and at one time we had 9, and now we are down to three. Our last white silkie was killed just the other day.

silkie deathThese two deaths have been some of the last ones. I have started patrolling the area where the chickens free range, and make sure that one of us are outside when it is dusk so we can lock everyone in their house. We also do a count.

As much as I would love to skip through the daisies, real life also has some sad times.

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