Terreni D' Oro Tuesday

A Few Weeks Later…

A couple of weeks ago, I posted our Christmas tree with the goats. Now the goat have ate, not only our tree, but the neighbors Christmas tree too.

Cleaning out the stall, has been refreshing too, since it smells like Christmas in the stall instead of urine. After they would finish their food, they would munch on the trees. It has lots of vitamin c, 5 times more than oranges. It also has trace minerals in it.

Eaten tree   2nd tree

I have read that feeding conifers to pregnant animals could endanger the fetus, but goats are ok. The biggest danger of aborting a calf is in cattle. So, don’t allow cows eat a Christmas tree.

Many, many years ago…one reason to bring the tree in the house was to provide sustenance for the family. Most conifers are edible, there are many ways to eat the tree too. Some people even use it to make a flour. So, if people were snowed in their huts, they could live off the tree, it wasn’t just about having a reminder that the spring would return it was a beacon of hope. Pine needle tea is very good, and so are pine nuts. I can not attest to the goodness of pine four, I have not had tested it.

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