Kay Utley

Last summer while I was attending the Paso Robles Art Fair, I came upon the booth of Kay. I was impressed by her versatility. I purchased two pieces that screamed for me to take home. The Renaissance paintings spoke to me, but the more realism of the soldier she had on display spoke to me too. Here are images of the ones I purchased….

VickiVicki Vanitas, I love the rich fabric embracing her body, her hand reaching out to connect to the viewer, and those eyes. Her feather in the red cap draws the eye to the skull in her hand. She is reminding all of us that this life does not last forever, so we must make the most of every moment of our existence.

IMG_5009Saint Lucy, she holds a palm branch in one hand and eyes in the other hand. Part of the legend is that she had her eyes gorged out, and then when they were readying the body, her eyes were back in place. Unlike Vicki, Lucy does not look upon us, but rather looks off to the side. The floating hexagons were intriguing to me too…If you are interested in looking at more of what Kay Utley offers go here

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