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Opaline Esther Doyal

Opaline Ester Doyal was born on May 31, 1904, in Indiana, the only child of Joseph W. and Amber Alice.  By the time she was 16, her father had left, and she was working at a taffy shop. Her mother was remarried to Mr. Harrington.


In the next ten years, Opaline was married twice. She had a child with her first husband, and lost him. She married again had two children with Otto M. Watson.

In 1940 Opaline lived with her four daughters, and no husband. By 1945, she was married to Russell, and had five children. She died in October 1977 in Indianapolis, Indiana, at the age of 73.

My Grandmother had 14 pregnancies. My belief was that she was so lonely throughout her life, and wanted to fill her life with children. Although, she had to gave her four girls to her mother before she was married to her last husband. It couldn’t have been easy to have your father leave the family back then, and I have no explanation about his departure. Both of them remarried.

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