Family Friday

Adventures of Our Ancestors

FootstepsWhen I am traveling from one destination to another, I often think of all those people that were here before us. No matter who you are, your ancestors had it tough. The traveling, the labor, everyday life.

Traveling used to be by foot for most, and only the lucky and/or wealthy were able to utilize donkeys, horses, and or camels. People used to travel by foot 30 miles per day…that is pretty amazing! On those travels that had to contend with animals that could attack. Figuring out what they were going to eat, or if they were going to find anything to eat. They had to carry water for themselves and those that were on the caravan. There was the possibility of dying from a simple cut. Sure, we also could die from a simple cut, but we usually have soap at our disposal. Our ancestors saw so much death, brothers and sisters that never grew up because of simple infections, fevers, childbirth.

Finding shelter every night while traveling. Can you imagine how hard it was for the small children that were walking with no shoes? The mothers that had to comfort their children while they didn’t even know if they were going to make it to their destination, but offering hope to the children. The moms that lost children year after year. I am sure magic thinking, and religion helped them make it day after day. “Just one more day”, must have been a constant mantra.

There are people in all of our linages that have made strides that we couldn’t even fathom. I believe that it is my responsibility to make the best life I can for myself and my family because of all that my ancestors have done. None of them left money, but they left something more valuable…life. Just living their life, and passing on their DNA has allowed me to be here. I want to find as many stories about as many of them as I can. Each of us must add to the story of our people. We make the world a more interesting place because of all the adventures of our ancestors, and our own adventures.

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