Saturday Special

Donkeys Having Fun

We own two miniature donkeys. The two of them are used as protection for the goats. Miniature donkeys will attack coyotes, and alert everyone that there are coyotes or danger on the farm. One of the girls is pregnant. Since we know she is a proven mother, we decided to add a baby donkey to the herd.

The two girls were added to the coral of the goats just recently. We had them is separate but neighboring corals so everyone could get used to each other before we added them in the same pasture.

They have fun together, especially when they are eating their grass. Hannah, is the black one throwing the grass on Ellie. Ellie is pregnant, and will carry her baby for one year.


Family Friday, Genaolgy

Jacob Harley

According to family legend Jacob was sent to America as a tax collector for King George. He was a in a “common law marriage with Mary Adkins, and had seven children. As the Revolutionary War was beginning he was called back to England and did not take Mary or his children back to England with him. When he died he left money to Mary and his children, but they would have to go to England to collect the money. The money was never collected, so they never received any money from him or his family. the Adkins name was passed on to the family.

Jacob, was born as the Earl of Oxford about 1730, Jacob would have been the son of Edward Harley which was the 3rd Earl of Oxford and Earl Mortimer.


Never A Dull Moment

Our family has been living on our farm for about one year and a half. Everyday there is something happening, never a dull moment. Our chickens are free range chickens. They are antibiotic free, and run and play all day. Anyone that tells you that they only eat veggies or grain, feed them only veggies or grain. Chickens are like little prehistoric beings, they have so many vocal sounds. I imagine dinosaurs sounded the way the chickens do. The chickens run around and eat bugs, and I have even seen them go after song birds that try to drink their water.

The donkeys sometimes want to roam the whole 40 acres, but since there are gaps in the front I don’t want them to run all over the place. They are the protectors of the goats, so they need to be in the same coral as the goats. The donkeys will go after coyotes, and stomp them…so the dogs can’t be too close to the donkeys.

donkeysOn the days they do get out of the stall before I have the lead on them, I have to call their names and follow them all over until I catch them.

The goats are so adorable, and cause the least amount of problems. They do want to jump up on people so they can visit up close and personal.

Just the other day I was taking the dogs for their daily run. They run the whole perimeter of the 40 acre farm. Then they run back up to the house, or at least that is what they usually do. As they were coming back up the road, a coyote ran toward the creek bed. One of the dogs went after the coyote, and the other one looked back at me with a look…Mom, I gotta go with my sister. Off they went, I walked through the creek bed looking for them. Yelled their names, took the Kabota out looking for them. Took the car out to look for them. Yelled for them from the top of each hill.

Finally, after the 12 hours one of them arrives at the door. I made her some farm fresh eggs, and blew on each piece before I fed it to her. She was lying on her side as she ate each piece. The kids did not want to give up looking for the other dog. They would call her name, and they swore they heard her crying. It was really dark…we took the Kabota to the location where my son said he heard her crying. We went to the location, and there she was pacing back and forth. He lifted the barbed wire fence to allow her to come into our property.

This is day two of them being home. Since their escapade I have not heard any coyotes around, and the dogs have been napping most of the time. Like I said there is something happening everyday…never a dull moment.

Terreni D' Oro Tuesday

Skipping Through Daisies

This post includes graphic images that may not be suitable for younger people….

People believe that country life is so romantic, but there are times that it is pretty horrible. Don’t get me wrong, 98% of the time, I love living out in the country. The part I don’t like is the death of our animals. These last past weeks we have had so many animals killed by coyotes. UGH!

We started off with 95 chickens, and 12 ducks, 2 geese, and 25 guinea hens. I will not have any more guinea hens. We started with 5, for the first round. Four of them died before they made it out of the nursery. A couple of them broke their necks trying to fly up through the screen, Two of them got out of their habitat, and got into the poison. 🙁 We had one left, that got to go out with all the chickens.   In the meantime we got 20 more guinea hens. We had them in their own big house. Fed them, watered them, cleaned their house regularly. It was time to let them out of their house. The first night it was time to go back into their homes, we had to round them all up. There were two that took off, and just as one was going back to the house…an owl swooped down and took off with it. It was so close I could feel the wings flap in from of me. Then another owl come out of no where and snatches up the other one.

A couple of days later the kids had a football game they wanted to attend. I took them to the city, and my husband was on chicken patrol. He locked up all the chickens, and he was getting ready to lock up the guinea hens when an owl rips the face right off one of the guinea hens. The rest of the guinea hens take off, and there were only two left. One of the two had his eyeball hanging out of his head. The next day around 3PM the other two were gone, no where to be found.

We are not sure what happened to the goose that is no longer around. It is hard to believe he would just up and leave. We saved his life when he was very young, and he was the protector of the ducks. The two geese and the ducks hung out together all the time. We know that one of the ducks was gone when we got home from a football game one warm evening. Then recently three of the ducks were missing. Here is what I found one day…

duck head Some of my favorite chickens are the silkies, and at one time we had 9, and now we are down to three. Our last white silkie was killed just the other day.

silkie deathThese two deaths have been some of the last ones. I have started patrolling the area where the chickens free range, and make sure that one of us are outside when it is dusk so we can lock everyone in their house. We also do a count.

As much as I would love to skip through the daisies, real life also has some sad times.

Museum Monday

Pompeo Massani

This is one of my favorite older paintings. One of my favorite subjects is reading, and writing. I have many paintings of men and women reading and writing. This one looks like a Nono anyone would love. He is sitting at his desk with his ledger in from of him. He has a map behind him, and a calendar. Could he be a travel coordinator? His index finger is stained with ink, and he wears a thick gold band on his pinkie finger. The wrinkles on his face are like a map of where he has been, and the life he has lived. His blue eyes are shadowed by his caterpillar like eyebrows. The bend of his glasses tell us he has had those speckles for a very long time. The black and the white in the center of the painting keep the eye moving, and picking out more details. The red in the foreground keeps you eye from wandering down below the painting. Massani, has pulled off an exquisite piece.         P Massani