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Cool Cat Cafe, Pismo Beach CA

Going to the beach can be exhausting business. I love going to the beach, and taking the kids to the beach just to feel the sand between the toes. There are swings on the beach too, so having a moment on the swings as we watch the waves crash on the beach is a dream come true for us.

After spending some time walking on the beach, and then on the boardwalk we decided to get a bite to eat. There are all kinds of eateries around the boardwalk. I would recommend the Cool Cat Cafe. Cool Cat CafeIt looks like a 50’s diner. The names of the sandwiches are all from the fiftys too. Except the three huge televisions that were playing sports while we were there. I had a Tuna melt, and the kids had hamburgers. The french fries were very good! There are even t-shirts to buy. I believe there are a few other locations. I believe there is one in Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, and Maui. Here is a link to check out Cool Cat Cafe.

One must is the t-shirt shop. If you are a little chilly after the wind blowing or the sun is going to go down soon, you will want a little something to keep you warm. There are lots of bargains to be had at the shop. The gentlemen usually will make a deal with anyone checking out, so make sure you ask for a deal.

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