Week In Review

Wow! This has been a long week. After two years of health issues one of my tenants left his business after many years in his career. Since he left many thing behind I had to get in there, and clean it all out of the shop. I met with the my future tenant, and got a lease put together for her.

I haven’t been home all week!

My husband and I went to a winery we are contemplating purchasing, and worked all day. I have great video of the event, but can’t share until the winery become ours.

My daughter was in the parade today. The parade was so much fun. After the parade there are free beans and read for everyone. Why, you ask? By the time the parade is over it in lunch time, and pioneers used to have beans to refuel to get back home. The pioneer parade has been ongoing for 125 years, and the big cauldrons of beans are part of the tradition.

We have decided to get ourselves babydoll sheep if we get the vineyard. They keep the rows clear without machinery disturbing the ground. We will have maremma sheepdogs watch over the sheep. We are in the process of looking for our alternative energy, and are pretty excited about helix wind turbines in conjunction with solar panels. We will utilize both for the farm and the winery.

I have some great footage, I will have to share later.

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