Fountain of Youth, Workout Wednesday

Make it a Habit

Yep, I have been back on track, and I even helped with the fence this weekend. What have I learned on the journey? Not to be so hard on myself. Having a routine is great, yet being a property owner can have unpredictable moments. There are times that things have to be done when it is a scheduled workout, now I have learned to prioritze how important events are that need to be handled. Not everything is “must do now”. I have been living me life as though all “work” aspects are more important than my workout or health. I have also learned that I am a financial eater. When I start to stress about money or money matters I go for something salty or something chocolate.

Now, I have started drinking a glass of water instead of having that salty snack or that piece of chocolate that seems to be calling my name. Sometimes, it is really just thirst that is calling my name, and not the chocolate. I don’t care what anyone says the chocolate does taste good. It is hard to give up, and at this point I am not at the point where I no longer desire chocolate.

Hopefully, the next time I write about working out…I can tell you that I have broken my record. I do want cut this little rubber bracelet off my arm. It is so NOT me!!

How is it going for you?

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