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G. Farenghi

An Italian artist that was also a professor. Here is a watercolor painting I own by G. Farenghi… G Farenghi.One of my favorite subjects in art is “reading”, and here we have three Nuns reading. What could be better than that for me? I don’t know. I also love religious subjects, especially Catholic ones.

Detail G Farenghi. Here we have two Nuns contemplating the bible in a church. One of the Nuns seems to be questioning something about the reading, and the one in the foreground is trying to make sense of it all. The Nun in the foreground looks a little more mature in age than her counterpart. What is on their side? Is it a giant pocket for a rosary, and/or other necessities the women carried with them? Maybe it is a sachet? It looks big enough to carry some apples or eggs. What do you think?

There is another nun in the background relaxing while she is reading.

It is hard to believe that this is a watercolor, just take a look at the detail…Detail, G Farenghi.The carving on the pews is breath taking, and the folds in the cloth of her habit…one can almost feel the weight of garment.

Finally, there is his elegant signature…Signature  G Farenghi.

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