Fountain of Youth, Photography, San Luis Sunday

Sunset, Savor the Central Coast

On Saturday, I was out helping my husband put up fences for our miniature donkeys. A friend texted me, and ask if I would like tickets to go to Savor event. OMG! I could not say no. I needed a staycation, something fun to do that was so close. I didn’t have all day to build fences anyway, since the children had places to be that day too.

We had so much fun! One of our other friends was the engineer of the train that is on the ranch at Santa Margherita Ranch. We saw someone painting a surfboard…surfboardA man was working on a sandcastle for Pismo Beach…Pismo CastleI am not a beer drinker, but I loved this little truck…Beer TruckI loved that there was historical plaque about the Chumash Indians that once lived on the site, and I took at photo of the stones too, but I can’t find the photo in my photo library, but here is the sign…ChumashI also went to a wine tasting…Wine tastingI went home with my glass, and some chocolate skulls for the kids…SkullsI had so much fun!

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