Family Friday, Happiness Project

Freaky Friday

Oh yes, I am usually not that girl…you know the negative Nancy. Unfortunately, dealing with property responibilities is a little infuriating sometimes. It can also be an incredible waste of time! Going to meetings, then the other person doesn’t show up, but makes another appointment. UGH!

Anyway, I my Friday is suppose to be about Family…Family history, as in genealogy. Recently, when I had a DNA test done. I just did not want the results I got. I have been attached to a belief all my life that somewhere, someone was Native American. alas, the DNA does not account for it. Honestly, I mourned for the belief I had…I felt as though I was robbed, just like time had been stolen from me by people making appointments, and not keeping the said appointments.

Ahhhh! I have to just get over my befuddlement, and move on from this set back. So, let me put on my big girl panties, and start to have a great day. I hope all of you have a great day too! Keep your appointments! 🙂

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