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Cool Cat Cafe, Pismo Beach CA

Going to the beach can be exhausting business. I love going to the beach, and taking the kids to the beach just to feel the sand between the toes. There are swings on the beach too, so having a moment on the swings as we watch the waves crash on the beach is a dream come true for us.

After spending some time walking on the beach, and then on the boardwalk we decided to get a bite to eat. There are all kinds of eateries around the boardwalk. I would recommend the Cool Cat Cafe. Cool Cat CafeIt looks like a 50’s diner. The names of the sandwiches are all from the fiftys too. Except the three huge televisions that were playing sports while we were there. I had a Tuna melt, and the kids had hamburgers. The french fries were very good! There are even t-shirts to buy. I believe there are a few other locations. I believe there is one in Pismo Beach, San Luis Obispo, and Maui. Here is a link to check out Cool Cat Cafe.

One must is the t-shirt shop. If you are a little chilly after the wind blowing or the sun is going to go down soon, you will want a little something to keep you warm. There are lots of bargains to be had at the shop. The gentlemen usually will make a deal with anyone checking out, so make sure you ask for a deal.

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Pioneer Parade, Happy Birthday Paso Robles, CA. 125 Years!

I haven’t been to a parade in years, but this year I could not wait to go to the parade this year. Since I live in a small town…one of my friends described the place as Mayberry meets Napa. We have the wine, and the friendly people. Seriously, while planning to go anywhere there needs to be at least a 20 minute cushion, people love to talk to each other. The thing is…people are just plain genuine here. If you are ever in San Luis Obispo, you must visit Paso!

Here are just a few of the highlights at the parade this year.


old carparade IMG_6304 IMG_6311 IMG_6313 IMG_6314 IMG_6315 IMG_6317 IMG_6330 IMG_6332 IMG_6338 IMG_6346 IMG_6350 IMG_6366 IMG_6372 IMG_6375 IMG_6381 IMG_6388 IMG_6410 IMG_6416 IMG_6434

Saturday Special

My Week In Review

I helped an owner of a barbershop retain his shop for as long as I could help. He wanted to give me a tanning bed to sell, the tanning bed had not been in working order since 2009.

Tanning bedMade a trip to our guest house to take photos for some vacationers that may be interested in renting it. Here is the kitchen…

Guest houseMy husband decided he would rather eat a whole salami all by himself…

SalamiTook the Kubota out to back 40 to view the bees…


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George Leonard Lewis Franklin Fizer

George is the one person in may family tree with the longest name. George was named after his grandfather. I believe that the names come from his mothers side of the family.

When George Lenorad Lewis Franklin Fizer was born on August 27, 1889, in Hurricane, West Virginia, his father, James, was 29 and his mother, Mariah, was 27. He died on September 30, 1963, in Beckley, West Virginia, at the age of 74.

In 1900, Geo L.L.F. Fizer was 10 years old and lived in Curry, West Virginia with his father, 4 brothers, sister, grandfather, and grandmother.

In 1910, Leonard Fizzer was 22 years old and lived in Union City, West Virginia with his wife, Minerva. The brother of George married the sister of Minerva. They had a double wedding.

In 1920, Leonard Fizer was 30 years old and lived in Mahan, West Virginia with his wife, Minerva, 3 sons, and 2 daughters.

n 1930, George  Fizer was 41 years old and lived in Sherman, West Virginia with his wife, 5 sons, and 5 daughters.

On April 1, 1940, G.L. Fizer was 50 years old and lived in Cabin Creek, West Virginia with his wife, Minerva, 3 sons, 3 daughters, and father.

George Leonard Fizer was living in Kanawha City, West Virginia, when he registered for the World War II draft in 1942 at the age of 52. He passed away at the age of 74.

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How I Met Your Father 1

While I was interning at a museum my friends and I used to print out personal ad’s from Yahoo. We would read them out loud to each other in funny voices. One day, one of us dared each other to answer an ad. I answered an ad, and even went on a date. I had the guy pick me up from the museum, and I never told him that is where I worked. He claimed in his ad that he was Italian. (that was one of my prerequisites) I got into the car (this was the days before cell phones), and we went to a restaurant. He talked incessantly about himself, and how frugal he was. I was ready to go after my fist cup of coffee. He just droned on and on…”I save money by taking most dates on the bus.” He even had the nerve to tell me how lucky I was that he really liked me, since he drove his car. WOW! He actually wondered why he was still single?

I told him that I needed to get back to my car. He then asked if it was ok if we split the check since it was our first date, and he did spend the gas money to get us to the restaurant. I told him…Oh no, I was delighted to pay my half. I finally got back to my car, and I laughed all the way home.

I couldn’t wait to get to work the next morning to tell my friends all about my date.

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21 Days…Not Yet

UGH! I promised myself I would leave the ugly bracelet on until I made it to 21 days, and I still haven’t made it 21 days in a row. I have to tell you…I feel like a loser! Damn it! I have tried to put exercise first, I just haven’t made it for the 21 days. This is my third time starting over. I refuse to cheat, and tell myself…it is ok, I can keep going. I mean really, the point is to do it 21 days in a row to make it a habit. This is why I can’t just trick myself into allow a gap.

I do have to say…I do start over, and I haven’t ripped this ugly ass bracelet off my wrist. I want to do this. I want to live a healthier life, and feel good about working out everyday.

I can do this! I can make it a habit to be healthy! Right?

Terreni D' Oro Tuesday

Coyotes and Foxes…Oh My!

coyoteWe have had some of our lovely little silkies stolen by a predator. Just the other day I saw a huge fox on the farm, and then Sunday there was a Coyote waiting for me to open the coops and allow the chickens to roam. We only started with eight silkies, and now there are 4. We also have lost a few other chickens.

We have some huge Italian Mastiffs, but I don’t want them to get hurt by a group of coyotes. We know that there are coyotes that lead dogs away, and then a group of them will gang up on the dog. UGH! I would be even more heart broken. Being a farmer is not easy. I do know how to shoot a gun, so I may have to take out the coyote. I just don’t want another one of my chickens to be devoured by a coyote.

What would you do?

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John Partridge


This is the painting (watercolor) that my husband loved when he saw it. Both of us love vineyards, and old barns. He told me, “this is a painting I can appreciate.” After he told me how much he liked it, I tracked down John, and I met him over at “studio in the Park”. We talked about some of his other wonderful pieces too. I purchased several of the pieces, along with this one of the vineyard.

It is one of those paintings that puts a person at ease by the sight. This is the kind of winter we have. No snow, but the vines are dormant, and some of the tress still display some green and colored foliage. The mountains in the background look like the black mountains of Santa margarita, but could be many other places too.


Week In Review

Wow! This has been a long week. After two years of health issues one of my tenants left his business after many years in his career. Since he left many thing behind I had to get in there, and clean it all out of the shop. I met with the my future tenant, and got a lease put together for her.

I haven’t been home all week!

My husband and I went to a winery we are contemplating purchasing, and worked all day. I have great video of the event, but can’t share until the winery become ours.

My daughter was in the parade today. The parade was so much fun. After the parade there are free beans and read for everyone. Why, you ask? By the time the parade is over it in lunch time, and pioneers used to have beans to refuel to get back home. The pioneer parade has been ongoing for 125 years, and the big cauldrons of beans are part of the tradition.

We have decided to get ourselves babydoll sheep if we get the vineyard. They keep the rows clear without machinery disturbing the ground. We will have maremma sheepdogs watch over the sheep. We are in the process of looking for our alternative energy, and are pretty excited about helix wind turbines in conjunction with solar panels. We will utilize both for the farm and the winery.

I have some great footage, I will have to share later.

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How Blogging Changed My Life

I know, I know, it sounds a little dramatic, but it is true. I have to be honest. I am not the best writer. I do love doing it though, and it is the act of doing it that is so cathartic. I have been to blog conferences, and met so many people making lots of money. I am not doing this to become a millionaire. I am doing this because it is a joy for me. I love going to the conferences to meet people I have followed, and tweeted.

I started blogging in 07, when we first began our journey of discovering the Central Coast of California. What started as our family sitting around the table talking about our dreams of the future. My husband wanted at least fifty acres with nothing around him, my son wanted a hotel and a vineyard, my daughter wanted a farm, and I wanted a ag tour museum. When we would gather around the table we would share fantasies out loud about our personal dreams. The kids has some pretty funny stories. My daughter would tell scenarios of how she would protect her little pigs from my husband by enclosing the pig area by surrounding it with bulls. Then my husband wouldn’t be able to get her pigs to make proscuitto.

My son would talk about how his hotel would look, and the vineyards surrounding the hotel. The smells of the wine wafting through the air, and the guest having a grand time. The kids would then talk about how they would team up, she would deliver food to his hotel. They would even argue about contracts with one another about food costs, and how the food would be delivered.

One night I said to the family…”Why don’t we just sell all of our property here, and go for our dream?”  We started looking in Napa, Sonoma, and Petaluma. Every realtor told us the same thing…”You are not going to be able to get zoning you would need to fulfill your dream.” We then started reseaching other areas, and found that San Luis Obispo loves Ag-Tours.

As soon as we started on this quest I thought about a blog. I started one, and then our escrow fell out. It was nine long months of being in escrow. My blog name was changed, and there went my 400+ followers. Lesson learned, find a name that you are going to love and stick with it! I was very frustrated about my failed blogging attempt, but I soon revitalized myself…it wasn’t that I wanted to be rich and famous as a blogger. I just wanted to share my experience. I just wanted to be able to find a little niche, and write.

Blogging is fun for me, and having a little platform is just FUN. I am living my dream! I have a great husband, wonderful children, Yorkie, Cane Corso’s, 95 chickens, 11 ducks, 2 geese, 6 goats, an orchard, beehives, worm bins, residential property, commercial property, and 500 acres. Soon I will have my winery, and my museum. I have always wanted to make the world a better place, and I am! Having my little empire sustainable, and helping others is another part of the dream that is working too. I am a modern farmer!