Fountain of Youth, Terreni D' Oro Tuesday


We have bees, we have three hives of beautiful bees. The last time I went out to the hives I realized that I screwed up while I was out there. I left the lid on the inner part of the super, and this did not allow the bees to go to the super to make more honey for themselves for the winter. After I realized this fact I made a phone call to Thera Bee . I thought maybe someone there could put me in contact with a bee keeper. I love having someone come out to the farm, since it is more insightful than just reading the book, or watching something on You Tube. Plus, I want to be safe when I am out there with the bees.

So, while I was talking to Martha at Thera Bee, she said would come out personally. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was. I ordered my additional bee boxes. I was ready for her visit. The day of her visit I unwrapped all the boxes I thought I might need, and loaded them into the Kubota, to take out to the field.

Martha arrived, and she was ready to go. We suited up, and went out to the field. We looked, we scraped off the excess honeycomb and propolis. While we we scraping, Martha gave me a great idea about putting water out for the bees, and adding a solar water pump. She then told me about adding wine corks to the water to allow the bees to get a drink without drowning. I had to laugh…this is wine country.

Martha told me right before she left that there were people that wanted to interview her the day she came to help me. She put her interview on hold to help me. Ohhh, that made my day, and showed me that people want to help other people. It was super sweet! I truly was inspired by Martha! Thank you again! I am so glad you came out to spend the day with me!


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