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We have 95 chickens. Some are hens, and we also have a few roosters. Our chickens are free range, so they run all over the farm. The bad thing is they poop on the porch. Really, that is the only thing I don’t like. I enjoy greeting them in the morning as I let them out the their coops. They follow me around as I carry the purple bucket full of food. I have to be very careful not to step on any of their toes.

I give them an organic pellet supplement. They usually run around eating grasses, and plenty of bugs. I also change and fill their water containers. They have to have clean places to sleep so I use pine shavings. The pine shavings along with the poo go to the worms in the worm bin. I am experimenting with the perfect moisture added to the bedding to get the worms excited about living in their new environment.

We get big eggs and some small, here is a comparison…big and smallThe science behind the nutrition of free range eggs is fascinating. If you think about it, it make sense. Birds on big farms are kept in a cage that is no bigger than an iPad. Our chickens enjoy walking and running, and hunting insects. The free range and cage free have less cholesterol, more vitamins, more omega 3. Our chickens are happy, and you can taste the sunshine in every egg.

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  1. Our chickens our free range too and I love to see them in their element. It makes me sad to think about all the chickens that don’t get to enjoy all the perks of being free range. I am mostly thinking about factory chickens.

    1. Me too, and their cage is as small as an iPad. UGH! Our chickens are so happy. They play, go in and out of their houses. A few of the trouble makers are so funny to watch. I am trying to get a list of people, so the eggs at least pay for the feed. It has been slow going, and I have had to give more dozens away. Any suggestions?

      1. We have never had too much abundance. We gave away some on occasion when we didn’t eat them fast enough. Before we had chickens, we bought fresh eggs from a man in our neighborhood that had a sign out front of his home advertising them. Hopefully when people realize how much better these eggs taste, they will want more :-).

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