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George Barris and Dennis Mukai

Last year when I saw Marilyn Monroe piece that was done by George Barris and Dennis Mukai I had to have one. If I was going to have an image of Marilyn Monroe on my wall, I wanted something different. Not one of the same old images that are seemingly everywhere. There are some photos of Marilyn that are my favorites. I like the images of her reading. I read that she was an avid reader, and one of my favorite photos of her in the robe reading. This is one of the photos in the series of her reading. The bonus of this photo is that this one wasn’t released to the public by George Barris. Dennis and George teamed up to do something different, and they utilized photos that George did not show to the public.

I was a fan of Dennis in the 1980’s. I even had a border of ad’s from magazines. (I couldn’t afford art back in those days, so I made colleges). Here is the one I had in my bedroom. Photo Here is the one I own of Marylyn Monroe in my office. Marilyn Monroe

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