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Terreni D’ Oro

We have been working hard to add a couple of fences. We are getting two miniature donkeys, and three goats. Two of the Mini Nubians are females, and the Sire is named Willie Nelson. One of the female Mini donkeys is in season, so we will see if a Sire will be able to get her pregnant. The gestation for a donkey is one year. WOW!

I have someone coming out to help me get the bees out of their nuc, and into two hives. We still have plenty of flowers for the bees to forage on before winter.  We will probably have honey in the spring. Hopefully, we will have plenty of water for the flowers to bloom for the bees.

I have two worm bins going strong. One of the bins is for personal kitchen waste. The other is for the chicken poo, and pine shavings. It takes two or three generations of worms to get used to the poo, so I am sure that we are entering generation two. Soon, I will take some of the worms and introduce them to a different environment. I am going to start a mixture of pine shavings, chicken poo, and donkey and goat poo. One experiment will be allowing the donkey and goat poo to heat, as this will kill the pathogens. Then we can determine which method is better for the worms. I have read that adding donkey poo as fertilizer is great, but I prefer to wait and see for myself. I would rather not burn my expensive trees.

We are getting two dozen eggs a day. Here is a photo of the size range we get from our chickens.

Grande e piccolo

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