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Fun Farm Photos

Terreni D’ Oro is a lot of work, but it is also so much fun. We love our chickens. We allow them to free range, which means they poo a lot on the porch. Which, is more work, yet the joy they give all us, it is amazing! 

Chicken CoopsDoveyAlthough there are only 3 chicken coops pictured here, we actually have 5 chicken coops and one duck house. The duck house is the one on the right. They go to their coops right at dusk. I let them out every morning at 7am. They run around free, and eat the grasses, bugs, and they are given organic pellets in the morning. They always have clean fresh water. 

One of my favorite chickens is Dovey. Dovey likes to be held and petted. She even makes a cute little cooing sounds as she nears someone. 


One of my other favorites is Goldie…GoldieOne of my least favorite is Pierre…

PierreOnce the chickens are in their coops we have sunsets like this to view…Terreni D' Oro


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