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Farm to Fork

Last year, I had a great time at the event “Farm to Fork” with the Paso Chamber of Commerce, and Women in Business. I met so many great women, and had so much fun. I made some great friends too. This year, I will be joining the “Farm to Fork” as a farmer. Yep, I can’t believe it either. I have lived in the city all my life. I grew up in the city of Indianapolis, and my country experience was limited to visiting my Aunt in West Virginia, and going to camp every summer. I always loved being in the country, but there was no shopping. These days we have UPS, Fed X, and  US Postal Service. So, if you really have to have something…it can be delivered. 

We have 95 chickens, 11 ducks (we did have 12), and 2 geese. We have an orchard, and will soon have lavender, and goats. Our farm “Terreni D’ Oro” (Lands of Gold) started when our family used to gather to tell stories of the future. When we had dinner the kids would tell us how they saw their future. My daughter used to tell us of her farm. She would tell us that she was going to have bulls, and if my husband wanted to steal one of her pigs one of the bulls would come after him. She would tell us that she didn’t want her pigs to have to use wheelchairs. Why would they have to use wheelchairs? Well, my husband wanted to make prosciutto. We didn’t have the heart to tell her we would have to have the pig slaughtered to make prosciutto. She just had a vision of trying to train the pigs to use a wheelchair. The image is pretty funny. Anyway, everyone had a dream. We loved our area in Oakland, CA, but we had bigger dreams. My daughter wanted a farm, my son wanted a hotel with a vineyard, my husband wanted 50 acres with no homes around ours. My dream is a museum, agriculture tour. 

We sold our properties one by one to invest in other opportunities. We have diversified our portfolio, and have our farm. I know we are going to have our winery, and the museum too. Our farm and other properties are going to help our family, friends, and our community. Not just our new community, but the those that have touched our lives before we came to San Luis Obispo. 

Soon, I will be posting how this 2014 Farm to Fork. I am sure it is going to be great! 

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