Workout Wednesday

Alright, we are all back to school, and back to blogging. Now, I have yet another element to add…working out. Recently, I was in a Barnes and Nobel. For me, there is no leaving a Barnes and Noble without books in my arms. I believe it is my inner desire to be a student. (Don’t judge me, and my stacks of books) Anyway, one of the books I found as I was inhaling the essence of books, was “21 Days of Healthy Living” It is just small enough to carry around with me, and not too big to be cumbersome. 

The book also comes with one of those cheap rubber bracelets. I am not into the whole rubber bracelet look. I want to do well to be able to remove the bracelet. The bracelet says “Make it a Habit”, so it is a good reminder. 

The book also ask questions about your day by day, and what you ate, how you felt, etc. I am going to share my journey with the world. If you have any tips let me know. If you are reading and participating in the “21 days” join me.

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