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A Day In The Life…

Recently, my sister ask me why I get up at five in the morning. I told her what I had to do everyday living on a farm. It is a lot of work. I documented much of my day on Instagram that day too, when I remember to do it.

This happened to be a Saturday, that I decided to document A Day In The Life of a farmer, photographer, rancher, property manager, mom, and instagramer.

First up…Walking the dogs, we have three. Two Cane Corso (Italian Mastiffs), and one Yorkie (Gucci)

Here is Sheba…Sheba


Gucci takes the longest to walk, she has to find just the right spot.


Gotta don my cowboy boots, because there are snakes. I haven’t seen as many this year, but they are out there.


Gotta go let out all the chickens, ducks, and geese. Make sure everyone has plenty of water.

Silkie This is one of the silkies. We have 100 chickens. There are also ducks and geese. After the water and food are out for them, they take off on their own. They are free range, so they go all over the farm. Collect the eggs from each coop.

I have some oranges, lemons, limes, apples, grapes, etc. that have not been planted in the orchard. Those plants have to checked for watering.

Back in the house, gotta make breakfast for the family.  Time for a selfie…

Selfie July

Making homemade pancakes, and some fresh eggs.

Pancakes with blueberry jam

Out to my office to check email, and calendar.


Time to kill some ground squirrels, those things are terrible.

Killing ground squirrel attire.

We use a contraption called “Cheetah”, it pumps carbon monoxide into their underground lair. Once some of the exhaust is coming out of a tunnel, that is a hole to cover with dirt. This shuts the ground squirrels in their home. They are very destructive, and they carry all kinds of disease.

We did find a cute bunny. No, we didn’t kill it.

baby bunny

After about three hours, it is off to town to show an apartment. Waited, and the person did not show. Bummer, it happens.

Gotta make dinner, walk the dogs again, and water the chickens, lock them in their houses.

Back to my office, to answer emails again. I could do it in the house, but everyone wants me to do everything else.

There you have it…country and town living.



Lately, I have been pretty busy with renovating apartments. We purchased some apartment buildings when we moved to here. I manage all the properties, and my favorite part is doing the renovations.

Here are some before and after shots…


Kitchen   Before



Utilizing, a more modern color palate, and updating the appliances make a big difference. We want our tenants to be happy where they are, and have modern amenities. Once the apartment is ready, I list it, and wait for the right tenant that will fit into the complex. All the other tenants want a neighbor that is considerate of others, so I factor that into the equation too.