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Beauty of Bees

I check up on the bees every week. I have read that they will become used to your smell, and familiarize themselves with your odor. I have given them water, but now I am going to wait until next week to see how they are doing without my assistance for water. Since we do have a pond, and means for them to obtain water I am going to how they do in the next week. Yet another experiment. I have lots of mustard planted, and lots of flowers for them to forage for pollen. I may be able to add a super next week if all looks well inside the box.

Today, when I ventured out to the hives I did not wear my veil, and I walked all the way out there. If I am going to open the hive, I usually take my “bee tool box”, and my veil. It freaks me out just a little when so many are coming at my veil. The last time I had no stingers, so none of the girls lost their lives as they hit my veil.

The funniest part about opening the hive is once it is closed. There is usually one that just continuously hitting my veil over and over as I walk away from the hive. It is almost a gentle nudge for me to get away from the hive. This weekend I plan on planting more flowers for my little friends. I see that they have found a lot of flowers somewhere above our farm too.  They are pretty busy!



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