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Hearst Castle

Going to Hearst Castle is always fun. There are several different tours to choose from, and they continue to add more. I haven’t been to Christmas at Hearst Castle, that is one that has to be planned in advance. We tried to go last year on the last day that they offer a tour for the Christmas season. Alas, every single tour was booked. Recently we bought tickets online, and then picked them up there. Unfortunately, Hearst Castle doesn’t have a “Will Call” line. It is a little frustrating waiting in line when our tickets have already been purchased. I promise the only disappointing aspect of Hearst Castle is waiting in line. It is all uphill from there. (Alright, that was bad.)

The wait really is worth it. The scenery is spectacular. The history is fascinating. One of my favorite facts is the architect Julia Morgan, was one of the first successful female architects in the United States. She endured the constant changes, and the challenges of working for W.R. Hearst.

The last time I visited Hearst Castle, the Neptune Pool was empty. Here are some photos from my last visit…

Hearst Castle 2014
Hearst Castle 2014

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