Art Festival

One week after I attended the gun show, I attended the art show. I love art! It is a passion to collect and promote the artists that I collect. I look for talented people that are doing their part to promote themselves.

While I was attending the art festival in Paso, there were many artists that stood out to me. As in life, there are people we gravitate to and those we don’t, it doesn’t make them bad people. When I attend a gallery or an art festival I allow myself to gravitate to those that speak to me. I go booth to booth, but there are ones that have an extra something that I want to know.

Who are the ones that stood out to me?


John V. Partridge 

Kay Utley

Hugo Martinez


These are just a few that really made an impact on my day. Here are a few photos I took of the stilt walkers.


Paso stilt walkers
Paso stilt walkers
Artfest 14
Artfest 14



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