Gun Show

The last thing I want is for people to believe I am just a business woman, or just a farmer, or “just” anything. We are all diverse human beings. None of us are the same, yet we are equals. Since we do live on a farm, and out in the country we do need protection. I never thought in I would be a person that enjoys going to gun shows. Then again, it is another door of enlightenment for life. There are all kinds at gun shows. There are people that fit the “stereotype”, and those that one would never guess attended a gun show. Embracing the diversity is part of the enjoyment.

Usually, when I go with my family I have something in mind that I am looking for that day. This last time I attended I was looking for a Spanish or German made sword. Something that was pre World War One. Other times I have gone looking for old Barretta’s. I have found some great oldies with bayonets.

Since I found no swords that suited me this time, I did another round just browsing. I happened to find…Harlow-Peters Knives. These are handmade knives made right here in Paso Robles. Here are the two I purchased.

Damask,Hippo tusk

Damask,Hippo tusk

Just look at the detail of the handle. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. Then Keith Peters told me that this was hippo tusk. Hippos were one of my favorite animals when I was young.  The grooves on the tusk feel great in my hand. I just love it. It is like a piece of art. I guess I know what I will be using when it comes time to put a chicken on the table.

The other one I purchased for my son, and here it is…



So, the next time you happen to see a gun show, don’t be so judgmental and go enjoy yourself.


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