If you are ever on the Central Coast of California, you must visit Cambria. It is such a cute little town, full of atmosphere and fun. As an art lover, I enjoy going into the galleries, and shops. Make sure you reserve time to talk to people, that is one of the many joys of the Central Coast. People are just so genuine here, they stop and talk to you. People ask about your family, and even your dogs and chickens. I am always surprised when people ask about dimples, one of our chickens. I am a little shocked that they remember the name of our chicken, yet sometimes I don’t remember my own chickens.

The town, as all towns along the Central Coast are just like little treasure boxes wanting to be explored. We try to go to a new restaurant every time we get over to Cambria. There is always something to see, and enjoy. Yummy little confectionary treats that will tempt the strongest will.


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