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Bee’s, glorious bee’s

Just the other day I finally got my bees. I had been communicating with Jeremy Rose the Owner of California bee company for months before he came to our farm.

He and I talked on the phoned, as well as emailed each other before his visit. He was so nice, and shared his love and knowledge of bees so readily. At 7am he came up the road in his little white truck.

I grabbed my veil (ordered from the web), and we took off to the spot I felt would be a great one. It couldn’t have too much wind, and had morning sun. Just the day before I added a couple of pallets, this way the boxes would be off the ground.

As Jeremy worked, he shared information about the frames, boxes, bees, queen, drones. It was like having a private class with a professor. Then, I got stung on the hand. I could have worn my gloves, but I wanted the full experience. The little bee, I will never forget. She wiggled her stinger into my hand. I mean she was really shaking her butt to get that stinger lodged deep into my hand. I pulled it out, and she was still holding on to the sleeve of my Oxford sweatshirt. She defended her beloved queen with her heart. Jeremy got stung on the wrist. He told me “when you are stung, you need to smoke it”. This will mask the pheromones that the bees give off when they sting.

All three hives were set up, and Jeremy left. I went back to their spot in the evening to check on them. I went back to the spot on foot, and with no veil. I just wanted to see how they were adjusting. One bee, out off the thousands, gently pushed me away. This is no lie…one bee, just kept bumping me in the head. It never stung me, it just bounced off my hair several times.

I had some ugly swelling in my hand. Here is a photo of my first sting as a beekeeper.


Gun Show

The last thing I want is for people to believe I am just a business woman, or just a farmer, or “just” anything. We are all diverse human beings. None of us are the same, yet we are equals. Since we do live on a farm, and out in the country we do need protection. I never thought in I would be a person that enjoys going to gun shows. Then again, it is another door of enlightenment for life. There are all kinds at gun shows. There are people that fit the “stereotype”, and those that one would never guess attended a gun show. Embracing the diversity is part of the enjoyment.

Usually, when I go with my family I have something in mind that I am looking for that day. This last time I attended I was looking for a Spanish or German made sword. Something that was pre World War One. Other times I have gone looking for old Barretta’s. I have found some great oldies with bayonets.

Since I found no swords that suited me this time, I did another round just browsing. I happened to find…Harlow-Peters Knives. These are handmade knives made right here in Paso Robles. Here are the two I purchased.

Damask,Hippo tusk

Damask,Hippo tusk

Just look at the detail of the handle. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it. Then Keith Peters told me that this was hippo tusk. Hippos were one of my favorite animals when I was young.  The grooves on the tusk feel great in my hand. I just love it. It is like a piece of art. I guess I know what I will be using when it comes time to put a chicken on the table.

The other one I purchased for my son, and here it is…



So, the next time you happen to see a gun show, don’t be so judgmental and go enjoy yourself.



If you are ever on the Central Coast of California, you must visit Cambria. It is such a cute little town, full of atmosphere and fun. As an art lover, I enjoy going into the galleries, and shops. Make sure you reserve time to talk to people, that is one of the many joys of the Central Coast. People are just so genuine here, they stop and talk to you. People ask about your family, and even your dogs and chickens. I am always surprised when people ask about dimples, one of our chickens. I am a little shocked that they remember the name of our chicken, yet sometimes I don’t remember my own chickens.

The town, as all towns along the Central Coast are just like little treasure boxes wanting to be explored. We try to go to a new restaurant every time we get over to Cambria. There is always something to see, and enjoy. Yummy little confectionary treats that will tempt the strongest will.



Avila Beach

One of the days while my mom was visiting my daughter and I took her to Avila Beach. We spent some time hanging out on the beach, and walking up and down the beach. I took some photographs. ImageThe waves were pretty low that day, and there were times that the Pacific Ocean looked like glass. 

There isn’t much shopping near the beach, so we walked around looking for a proper souvenir to take home. My mom picked out a t-shirt form Del Sol, a t-shirt company that deals in t-shirts that change colors. Then we were off to find a place to eat. Since we all have different taste, we ended up going to the pizza shop. I had the pesto chicken, it was pretty delicious. 

A Scene From Birds

After I took my mom to Pismo Beach we stopped at Subway to get some sandwiches. I wanted to find a place to have a little picnic. I saw the sign for Shell Beach, and thought it would be a great place to go to have a little picnic. I saw the sign that said “Costal Access” so I looked and looked for the beach. I did not have all day to look for the beach, so we decide to get out and enjoy the scenery. We found a beautiful bluff that overlooked the ocean. We sat and enjoyed our sandwiches, then I saw that my mom had been throwing some extra fluff of her bread to the side of the bench.

I said “Mom, what the hell are you doing?” What? she asked…You scared me….Oh, (I said) you are going to be sacred out of your skivvies in a few minutes with the giant sea gulls see your bread. Then my mom says “Oh my gosh, I think they are heading this way.”

Yep, it was a bird take over scene. UGH! I don’t even like birds near me, and my own mom wants us to die from a bird attack. Here are two of them moving in for an attack…

The first 2

The first 2

Pismo Beach

When relatives come to visit from out of town. I have a couple of rules. You are no longer a “guest” after three days. After the third day you are expected to help do some things. We have a farm, feed the chickens, ducks, water the plants, and the animals. I have many emails from tenants to answer, or text messages. If that is taking up lots of time, do some dishes, empty the dishwasher, dust, run the vacuum cleaner. I don’t care, just do something other than sit there wanting me to entertain you. The quicker the chores are done, and business is taken care of the quicker we can have some fun.

My mom was recently visiting, and she was a great help. I loved it that I did not have to keep telling her what she could do next. One of our many outings was Pismo Beach. It was a beautiful day. It is just too bad that I only had my iPhone with me instead of my Canon. Don’t get me wrong, I love the camera on my iPhone, but the Canon is my favorite.

Anyway, the waves were perfect, we found some shells on the beach, and even one perfect sand dollar. I found lots of broken ones, even gray ones. I took lots of photographs, and even got into the freeeeezing cold water. If you have ever dipped your big toe in the Pacific Ocean, you know what I mean.

It was a beautiful day that ended with us going to the Boardwalk to go shopping for t-shirts and sweatshirts for everyone.






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