Pompeo Massani

One of my favorite subjects for art is reading and writing. Just think about it for a second…it has mystery, and intrigue. The sitter is usually looking at something we don’t have the privilege of viewing. We don’t know what they are reading or writing about, it could be anything. Some artists give us clues, yet others leave it to our imagination.

I buy art that speaks to me, and this little old man reminds me of my father in law. This little old man is writing in a ledger. He may own a business. He has a map in the background, and a calendar. Maybe he owns a travel service. Much of the page is blank so he is just starting on the book and page that he has before him. He is old, and looks like he is lost in thought. The artist Pompeo catches  him at just the opportune time. He is looking up at the artist, and we are in turn making eye contact with him. His wrinkled skin is a testament to the skill of Pompeo to allow us to see such great detail.




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