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Clarity Of Thougths

After three week of working out, I have to tell you…I feel so much better. My thinking is clearer, until the dogs start barking. 🙁  I have finally given myself permission to workout first, and then help all the other people that need me during the day. Managing property is something that does not have regular business hours. I am usually the one that runs to Home Depot or Lowes or the anywhere else that needs my attention. I have been working out right after I take my daughter to school I go work out. I do it just for me. I am making it a habit, and I know that the secret to staying with it is to make it a habit. I started with baby steps. Just telling everyone that I can meet them after x time. Instead of running straight to getting stuff done, most things can wait. I also have the option to send a professional to get the job done. I don’t have to do everything myself. I have learned to delegate some things to others.

Right after I workout I feel like a new person, and every time I do it, it is easier to get right back to the gym.


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