Estate Farm

We are at 40 chickens, and six ducks. We have olive, apple, pears, plums, peaches, and more that we are growing. We will be a farm that people can visit, and take rides on our trains. We will also have a museum that people can visit. Paths are going in and around the ranch so our visitors can walk around to destinations. The chickens are growing like crazy. Their little coops are all ready for them to be happy and start laying eggs.

I have our order in for our bees, and I have one bee box in the garage. Got my bee veil, and gloves. I am super excited about everything that is growing. I want to make sure we have lots of flowers throughout the year for the bees. I will get to meet them late March or April.  Terreni D’ Oro Estate Farm is here…

Ducks and chicks
Ducks and chicks

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