Ironing Clothes

Every week usually on Tuesday I iron clothes. I used to iron only the clothes that I needed when I was going somewhere important. All that changed when I married my Italian husband. He is an only child, and his mother told me that one thing Italian wives would not allow is for their husbands to leave the house in a wrinkled mess.

When I first started ironing clothes, it took me so long to finish. Monday, I wash all the clothes, and then I take all the clothes out that need to be ironed. I used to iron the sheets, towels, and pj’s. I don’t do that any longer.

One thing that makes a difference is a great iron. For the past 10 years I have had the same Rowenta. It got the job done, and I loved the steam that came from it. About a month ago, I saw the newest Rowenta, and I had to have it.

Getting the job done.
Getting the job done.


As much as I loved the other one, This one really gets around the buttons like nobody’s business. The steam really does the work, instead of passing over the same wrinkled area over and over. This new iron…one pass gets the job done.

I also can get caught up on my History shows I love while I iron. Vikings and ironing can go together! šŸ™‚

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