Bloggy Boot Camp, San Diego

On Thursday after the kids got out of school I flew down to San Diego. I didn’t get to San Diego until 9:30. Going from San Luis Obispo to San Diego is a two plane trip. Not only is it a two plane trip it, they are turboprop planes. This was my first time, and I had no idea what to expect.  Of course their were the naysayers, telling me how loud the plane would be, and scary. It really wasn’t bad. It was loud, but I got over it.

I stayed at the Bahia Hotel Resort and Spa, it is really nice. My room was very spacious, and the sheets were good quality.  I love great sheets! I had a great view of the bay, and the paddle boat.  Had free tickets to ride the boat, but too busy to use the tickets.

Since I arrived early to the conference I had a little time to go see some sites. I decided to go to the oldest Mission in California. It was so great to go take photos without people that are ready to go. It was a great time to go too since there was no rain at the time. The rain was the first time we had so much rain in four years. So, my timing was perfect.

first mission of California
first mission of California

Finally, it was time for the conference. Tiffany, Francesca, were great as usual. I love that we are assigned seats on the first day. We get a chance to meet new people, and make new connections. We share glances of our lives with each other before the dynamic speakers. Wow! Every speaker that was there had something to take away from the conference that anyone with a blog can utilize. I made new connections. My head is still swimming with information, and   reeling through all the conversations that I had with so many women.

Honestly, I had only had time to clean my house, and get the laundry done. If you are questioning if you should go…I am telling you…GO! It is fun, informative, and connecting with the people behind the blogs that we read is transformative.

Go a little early, and stay a little later.


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