Galleria, Museum Monday

Dennis Mukai

Just last weekend my husband and I met the artist Dennis Mukai. I purchased a painting by him that is a homage to Marylyn Monroe. I don’t have it in my possession as of yet. I will have to share it with you all once I have it hung up in my office.

It was such a blast to be in the presence of an artist that has had such major success. I had an opportunity to meet him before, but I was busy doing “Mom stuff”. As all moms in the world know. Mom stuff usually takes precedence over anything else that we have to do. Even if that means meeting a famous artist. Meeting famous artists for me is like movie lovers meeting George Clooney, or Robert Redford. Music lovers meeting Leonard Bernstein, Beetles, or Snoop Dog. (LOL)

At the end of the show Dennis took the time to autograph our invitation to the gallery opening.



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