Homemade Soup

One of my favorite lines from my Mother In Law was “Americans make everything so complicated.” I wanted her to show me how to make bread, and I could not believe how easy it was. We have made many dishes together before she passed away, and one thing was constant when we made food together. The recipe was never the same. Why? Unlike Americans, as she would say, we use what we have.

All these years I have followed her advice. Even though I am sure she would have found a way to complain about it, I believe above all, she is smiling from heaven telling everyone else…”I educated an American with a degree.”

I start off, just as she would have. Get the biggest pot you have in your kitchen. I add in 6 chicken bullion cubes to the water. I only add the bullion cubes because my husband swears by them, so it is really more for his benefit. I am almost positive that the box says 1 cube per cup, but I fill up my pot 3/4 full.

While my water is heating up, I start peeling potatoes. I usually add golden and Idaho together. The mixture of potatoes adds a better nuance to the mixture. I add the potatoes once they are all cut. Celery, I utilize as many stalks as I can. Make sure you clean the celery real well. Carrots are next, I usually add about 6, I peel mine, but you don’t have to do so. If you like them with the peel, just clean them real well.



Sometimes I add half an onion, this last time I made it I added a leek to the soup instead of an onion. That is what I had in the fridge, so that is what went into the mixture. Zucchini, four to six, I peel these too. My husband hates the site of green soup. He thinks it looks like medicine. (Wow! My family has so many idiosycrasies) Last up, is some sweet peppers. I love sweet peppers, so I add 7 or 8 of them. I take out the seeds, and cut them into pieces before adding them.

Your soup should be really bubbling by now, so turn it off and let it rest for a little while. If you have an hour or two that is good. When I come back I reheat it, and then stick the blender stick into the soup. Puree the soup if you like, and then at the end you will add your pasta. We use Orzo, by Barilla, just add the whole box into your soup. Stir the soup, and in about 20 minutes the soup is at perfection. IMG_3285-3

Since you have made this huge batch of soup, you can freeze some of the soup. If your family are a bunch of soup lovers you will have enough for a couple of dinners.

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