Fountain of Youth


Today is the start of a new day. Duh! Everyday is a start of a new day. Right? Today, I am going to start to whip my butt into shape. I did not get started on New Years, I just did not have it in me. I was looking through some photos the other day, and ask myself “Is this how I want people to see me?” UGH! No, is the answer. How did this happen? Pizza, chocolate, chips, all the regular stars of food doom. I know this stuff is bad for me, but the YUM!

I remember in after I graduated from High School I was very selective about what I ate. Not so much in the last 17 years.

So, I am thinking if I force myself to share once a week about getting in shape, then I will have to follow through. I want to be motivated!

Here is a recent photo, I will start posting every week to swim through the fountain of youth. Maybe we can help each other together.IMG_0697

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