Designs For My Daughter

When I was looking through some photos I ran across some photos of rooms of our old house, and I thought I would share some of the photos.

My daughter loved ballet, and took ballet when she was younger. I wanted the children to choose what kind of art they wanted in their rooms, so their room evolved as they grew.

She picked the color, and the curtains. I found the Capodimonte chandelier at an antique store, and the little lampshades were purchased at Ballard Design. The crown above her bed was purchased at Horchow. Some of the pairings that hung in her room were commissioned from various artists. I loved the thought of buying real art for her room instead of posters since the art is something that she could use as an investment when she is older. She could also decide to keep them, and decorate her own home when she gets older.IMG_4738   IMG_2686

Here are some photos of Audrey Hepburn. Our family watched several movies starring a younger Audrey…IMG_2691Here is her collection of American Girl Dolls, books, and small collectables she “found” in antique stores.IMG_0711Her private sanctuary, her desk with all her favorite things surrounding her. IMG_0712The bed with her crown above the bed.The matching nightstands are from an antique store, and the clock is from Germany.  IMG_0333Finally, there was a doll revolt, and this happened…IMG_0050Allowing your children to be involved in the design and decor of their room makes the room special for them to come home to everyday. It is their space in the house. It should be a one of kind, just like them.

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