Few Furniture Favorties

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces of furniture.

IMG_3268This is our antique credenza. We keep our Bohemian Crystal, Murano Glasses, and other crystal drinking stemware. What is on top? The tea pots are Herend, The Cockatoo, and other yellow chested bird are Murano. The double birds are also Murano. The Jay bird is a Tay, and the Owl is an Armani. The hummingbird on the flower is a Bohem.

IMG_3269Top piece of another dining room piece of furniture. The birds, and urns are Capodimonte pieces, There is a violin player that is from Murano, The porcelain dancers are from Franc, and the crystal ones are Swarovski. The largest one in the center is another Capodimonte. There are two Murano rosters on each side. Roosters are usually given to the Bride and Groom for good luck in fertility and prosperity.

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