Classic Look

I love an old world look. Capodimonte flowers, Capodimonte urns, fresh flowers in bloom, and tassels to give everything a tied together look. It is a look that touches my inner soul. I love other looks in the homes of others, but classic decor appeals to me as none other….here are some photos of the hallways of my old home…

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Galleria, Museum Monday

Dennis Mukai

Just last weekend my husband and I met the artist Dennis Mukai. I purchased a painting by him that is a homage to Marylyn Monroe. I don’t have it in my possession as of yet. I will have to share it with you all once I have it hung up in my office.

It was such a blast to be in the presence of an artist that has had such major success. I had an opportunity to meet him before, but I was busy doing “Mom stuff”. As all moms in the world know. Mom stuff usually takes precedence over anything else that we have to do. Even if that means meeting a famous artist. Meeting famous artists for me is like movie lovers meeting George Clooney, or Robert Redford. Music lovers meeting Leonard Bernstein, Beetles, or Snoop Dog. (LOL)

At the end of the show Dennis took the time to autograph our invitation to the gallery opening.



San Luis Obispo Sites

Avila Valley Barn

There are so many sites to visit in San Luis Obispo County. Avila Valley Barn is a destination that the whole family can enjoy. We have visited a few times, and every time we have gone there have been serval families there. The store carries all kinds of items that you would expect to find at a road side stand. Avila Valley Barn goes a step or two furtherer. There are animals; Llama, chickens, horses, cows, and a few cats. IMG_3104



There are many different sweets, like cakes, cookies, and the like. Nuts, berries, and the various concoctions one can make from the nuts and berries. There is even a section that has knick knacks and kitchen items that can be utilized in your own kitchen.

The fragrance that hangs in the air varies with the season. Late autumn smells like apples, the winter smells like pine trees, since they sell Christmas trees, and the spring and summer flowers are in bloom.

If you are looking to visit with out having to touch elbows with other people go during the week, and if it is a holiday or holiday weekend you will have to wait in lines to buy some of them items.

Family Friday


For so long I have blogged on Terreni D’ Oro about my family. Now, the tradition continues here. I love doing the research, and finding information that fits. It is so rewarding! Recently, I purchased a DNA kit, so I will be submitting that really soon. I just have to get passed thinking about spitting into a vial. Ahhh man, that makes me feel a little queasy just thinking about performing the act.

I am going to get over the hibbie gibbies, and just get on with it. I am so very curious about finding out what nationalities I have not discovered.

Have you discovered your ancestors?

Fountain of Youth


Today is the start of a new day. Duh! Everyday is a start of a new day. Right? Today, I am going to start to whip my butt into shape. I did not get started on New Years, I just did not have it in me. I was looking through some photos the other day, and ask myself “Is this how I want people to see me?” UGH! No, is the answer. How did this happen? Pizza, chocolate, chips, all the regular stars of food doom. I know this stuff is bad for me, but the YUM!

I remember in after I graduated from High School I was very selective about what I ate. Not so much in the last 17 years.

So, I am thinking if I force myself to share once a week about getting in shape, then I will have to follow through. I want to be motivated!

Here is a recent photo, I will start posting every week to swim through the fountain of youth. Maybe we can help each other together.IMG_0697


Homemade Soup

One of my favorite lines from my Mother In Law was “Americans make everything so complicated.” I wanted her to show me how to make bread, and I could not believe how easy it was. We have made many dishes together before she passed away, and one thing was constant when we made food together. The recipe was never the same. Why? Unlike Americans, as she would say, we use what we have.

All these years I have followed her advice. Even though I am sure she would have found a way to complain about it, I believe above all, she is smiling from heaven telling everyone else…”I educated an American with a degree.”

I start off, just as she would have. Get the biggest pot you have in your kitchen. I add in 6 chicken bullion cubes to the water. I only add the bullion cubes because my husband swears by them, so it is really more for his benefit. I am almost positive that the box says 1 cube per cup, but I fill up my pot 3/4 full.

While my water is heating up, I start peeling potatoes. I usually add golden and Idaho together. The mixture of potatoes adds a better nuance to the mixture. I add the potatoes once they are all cut. Celery, I utilize as many stalks as I can. Make sure you clean the celery real well. Carrots are next, I usually add about 6, I peel mine, but you don’t have to do so. If you like them with the peel, just clean them real well.



Sometimes I add half an onion, this last time I made it I added a leek to the soup instead of an onion. That is what I had in the fridge, so that is what went into the mixture. Zucchini, four to six, I peel these too. My husband hates the site of green soup. He thinks it looks like medicine. (Wow! My family has so many idiosycrasies) Last up, is some sweet peppers. I love sweet peppers, so I add 7 or 8 of them. I take out the seeds, and cut them into pieces before adding them.

Your soup should be really bubbling by now, so turn it off and let it rest for a little while. If you have an hour or two that is good. When I come back I reheat it, and then stick the blender stick into the soup. Puree the soup if you like, and then at the end you will add your pasta. We use Orzo, by Barilla, just add the whole box into your soup. Stir the soup, and in about 20 minutes the soup is at perfection. IMG_3285-3

Since you have made this huge batch of soup, you can freeze some of the soup. If your family are a bunch of soup lovers you will have enough for a couple of dinners.


Designs For My Daughter

When I was looking through some photos I ran across some photos of rooms of our old house, and I thought I would share some of the photos.

My daughter loved ballet, and took ballet when she was younger. I wanted the children to choose what kind of art they wanted in their rooms, so their room evolved as they grew.

She picked the color, and the curtains. I found the Capodimonte chandelier at an antique store, and the little lampshades were purchased at Ballard Design. The crown above her bed was purchased at Horchow. Some of the pairings that hung in her room were commissioned from various artists. I loved the thought of buying real art for her room instead of posters since the art is something that she could use as an investment when she is older. She could also decide to keep them, and decorate her own home when she gets older.IMG_4738   IMG_2686

Here are some photos of Audrey Hepburn. Our family watched several movies starring a younger Audrey…IMG_2691Here is her collection of American Girl Dolls, books, and small collectables she “found” in antique stores.IMG_0711Her private sanctuary, her desk with all her favorite things surrounding her. IMG_0712The bed with her crown above the bed.The matching nightstands are from an antique store, and the clock is from Germany.  IMG_0333Finally, there was a doll revolt, and this happened…IMG_0050Allowing your children to be involved in the design and decor of their room makes the room special for them to come home to everyday. It is their space in the house. It should be a one of kind, just like them.


Kids and Social Media

Both my children have a phone. Both my husband and I have the passwords for each of their phones. At any time we want we can ask for the phone and see whatever we want on their phone. As long as we pay the bill the phone is our phone. They have been told not to give out personal information, and only give your phone number to people you really KNOW.

Before my children turned 13 they were asking to join Facebook, but I told them no. We talked as a family about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They know that there are grownups that can’t handle social media, and there are mean people that like to lash out for no good reason. Some people just like to put down other people for the attention, and to create drama.

Neither of my children choose to be a part of Facebook. I am proud that both are responsible. They are really great kids. I am not just saying that because I am their mom. (LOL)




One of my favorite pieces of jewelry I own is a pin/pendant from Tiffany’s. It is an antique piece 18K gold with loads of diamonds. It is heavy, and oh so beautiful. I have researched it, and haven’t been able to find if it was made for a specific person or not. I even took it to Tiffany’s for them to research. They shipped it to New York where they had it photographed. The had it for a couple of weeks, and I was starting to miss it. I asked that they send it back to me. They obliged, and sent it back the next day. Tiffany’s said told me that it was one of their rarer collections. Many of the experts had not seen anything like it before in person. I feel pretty lucky to own it.