Organize and Reenergize

Since it hasn’t been that long since we moved in, there are some rooms and places around the house that need some extra attention. My linen closet has got to the point where I just couldn’t look in there and then walk away happy. I mean really, I just couldn’t even be proud for a second about the linen closet.

The linen closet took all day. I took everything out, and started from scratch. Wiped out the interior of the closet, and one by one refolded everything to fit into the closet nice and neat. I like neat and organized. I know it does my mind some good too, seeing things the way I have wanted them.

I got all the bedding on one side, and the bath items on the other side. I had no idea I had so many table cloths, and an obsession with quilts. WOW! Quilt apocalypse? It could be a thing!


I am excited about giving lots of things to the poor. I wish I knew someone that could use them instead of giving them to an entity.

Here is what my linen closet looks like now. You will notice bed sheets are tied with a ribbon. The ribbon color denotes who they belong to…Green for my son, blue for my daughter, and yellow are mine. A darker blue is used for the guest sheets.





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