What Is One More Thing?

Designing spaces is one of my favorite thing to do. We haven’t even unpacked all of our boxes. The home we live in now is smaller than our former home. Then there is the organization of all the things to include or edit. I just found our “better” silverware. I was so happy to put it in the dishwasher.

The worse part is the paperwork. I have to be brave and delve into doing all the taxes. UGH! One more thing to do that is not fun.

I wish I could come home and all the chandeliers were up on the ceiling. The walls in each room had the art that I wanted in the place. There were shelves that fit the areas where I want the shelves. I still have closets to organize. It has taken so long to organize this house, and I feel so frustrated!

The other day I finally ALMOST have the pantry the way I want it. Almost, almost there.

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