My son makes up news. If he is telling a story he heard on the news, you will need to check the sources. Just today we were in the grocery store, checking out. There is plenty of time to glance at the tabloids headlines. He and my daughter talk about each headline, and give their comments. The comments are usually really funny, so we are the loudest ones in line laughing. We start unloading the groceries, and see a headline with O.J. Simpson. My son ask “Isn’t he the one that killed Michael Jackson? What? I ask, He then states with conviction “He is the one that killed Micheal Jackson”! I then try to correct him…No, he did not kill Michael Jackson! In the meantime I am laughing.

If you have ever seen the skit on SNL where the guy tells all the news wrong you will know why this is so funny.

When Phil from Duck Dynasty was in hot water the news from my son was “Phil was fired this morning from the A&E Network”? What? I asked…No WAY IN HELL is that true. He then tells me…It was just on the news. I ask him…Why was he fired? He holds on to my hand, and then says…”He was fired because he is gay”? Well, now son, I know this is your own special report. Phil isn’t gay, he is homophobic, and it is illegal to fire someone for being gay. WOW!

Take a look at the SNL skit…it is a glimpse of how we get news from my son.


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