Mega Millionaire

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you won the lottery? I have thought about several times. I only buy a lottery ticket with Multi Millions are on the line. I also don’t like to spend too much money on something that seems to wasteful.

When I have purchased some lottery tickets I have calculated the taxes I would have to pay, and put together a wish list, and a plan. What would I do? I would build our dream home, and then one for each of the children. I would give my brother, sister, mom, and dad investment property. I would do the same for as many family members as I could afford. Why not buy them a dream home? Dream homes come with big property taxes, and if someone couldn’t keep then they would just come back to ask for more money. I believe helping someone help themselves is the best gift that a person can give to another person. There comes a point that giving can become enabling.

After I purchased said investment property, my hope would be that after a couple of years relatives would then mingle some of their profits to grow their investments bigger.

What would you do if you won? How would you help your family or would you?


Organize and Reenergize

Since it hasn’t been that long since we moved in, there are some rooms and places around the house that need some extra attention. My linen closet has got to the point where I just couldn’t look in there and then walk away happy. I mean really, I just couldn’t even be proud for a second about the linen closet.

The linen closet took all day. I took everything out, and started from scratch. Wiped out the interior of the closet, and one by one refolded everything to fit into the closet nice and neat. I like neat and organized. I know it does my mind some good too, seeing things the way I have wanted them.

I got all the bedding on one side, and the bath items on the other side. I had no idea I had so many table cloths, and an obsession with quilts. WOW! Quilt apocalypse? It could be a thing!


I am excited about giving lots of things to the poor. I wish I knew someone that could use them instead of giving them to an entity.

Here is what my linen closet looks like now. You will notice bed sheets are tied with a ribbon. The ribbon color denotes who they belong to…Green for my son, blue for my daughter, and yellow are mine. A darker blue is used for the guest sheets.






Super Smoothie

I love having my smoothie in the morning. I make one that is good for me, and delicious. First I add my oats, (about 1/2 cup) to a bowl with just enough boiling water to cover the oaks. This allows the water to soak into the oats. In the meantime. I gather my other ingredients. One whole banana, One cup of strawberries. Fage Greek yogurt, skim milk, and Ball jars.

I use the Fage plain, 0 percent. I use half of the container. Combine all the ingredients into the blender. Blend them all together until it is smooth. I promise…it is so delicious!

I use frozen fruit, put that in the blender fist, and then the banana, oats, yogurt, and the skim milk over the strawberries. Make sure you put the lid on the blender, and liquify!

Pour some for today, and some for later. I like to have enough for either the next day or a snack. ImageImage


What Is One More Thing?

Designing spaces is one of my favorite thing to do. We haven’t even unpacked all of our boxes. The home we live in now is smaller than our former home. Then there is the organization of all the things to include or edit. I just found our “better” silverware. I was so happy to put it in the dishwasher.

The worse part is the paperwork. I have to be brave and delve into doing all the taxes. UGH! One more thing to do that is not fun.

I wish I could come home and all the chandeliers were up on the ceiling. The walls in each room had the art that I wanted in the place. There were shelves that fit the areas where I want the shelves. I still have closets to organize. It has taken so long to organize this house, and I feel so frustrated!

The other day I finally ALMOST have the pantry the way I want it. Almost, almost there.



One of the many things I do with my time is renovate apartments. We own some property, and it is my job to manage the property. Some parts of my job I hate, and there are other aspects of it I enjoy. I like the renovation, and meeting the new tenants.

Here are some photos of my most recent renovation.

IMG_0004This is the kitchen. Everything is new in the kitchen, and I added granite countertops and lights. I like the process of making something new and fresh. I still need to add some flowers, and I will also keep a folder of applications, as well as a clip board for the potential applicants to utilize.

I have been a tenant in the past so I can empathize with tenants. I like meeting each person, and I have usually had great experience with finding new tenants. I have been doing this for 20 years so I go with my gut on which applicant to accept. I am pretty proud of this unit, so I am looking forward to meeting the right tenant for the unit.



My son makes up news. If he is telling a story he heard on the news, you will need to check the sources. Just today we were in the grocery store, checking out. There is plenty of time to glance at the tabloids headlines. He and my daughter talk about each headline, and give their comments. The comments are usually really funny, so we are the loudest ones in line laughing. We start unloading the groceries, and see a headline with O.J. Simpson. My son ask “Isn’t he the one that killed Michael Jackson? What? I ask, He then states with conviction “He is the one that killed Micheal Jackson”! I then try to correct him…No, he did not kill Michael Jackson! In the meantime I am laughing.

If you have ever seen the skit on SNL where the guy tells all the news wrong you will know why this is so funny.

When Phil from Duck Dynasty was in hot water the news from my son was “Phil was fired this morning from the A&E Network”? What? I asked…No WAY IN HELL is that true. He then tells me…It was just on the news. I ask him…Why was he fired? He holds on to my hand, and then says…”He was fired because he is gay”? Well, now son, I know this is your own special report. Phil isn’t gay, he is homophobic, and it is illegal to fire someone for being gay. WOW!

Take a look at the SNL skit…it is a glimpse of how we get news from my son.