Recently, I was reading about anger, and how our internal energy effects living organisms around us. Our energy weather it is positive or negative effects other organisms as small as yogurt bacteria. Bio cellular communication experiments have been done on sperm, and other cells and the donors of the cells. When men gave they sperm to the experiment the men were instructed to watch a scary movie, and the sperm that were 300 miles away had a hyper stimulated response.

There is believed to be a interspecies cellular communication. When we are happy and have positive messages for one another we make effect all the life around us. As I was reading the studies I thought of Native Americans and the belief of treating all living beings with reverence and great respect. I think of how our good energy at Mass is communicated to others as we shake hands. I think of the smiles in the grocery store from strangers. I also think of how our happiness makes others happy. Saying something positive to someone makes their day and they pass it on to another person.

Anger is bitter. Although momentary anger is one thing, holding on to anger is posion to you and everyone around you. Let go of your anger, and allow love to take over your heart. Isn’t it time that we all accepted each other as we are? Isn’t it time to let go of what our ancestors have done, and live in the here and now? We have more in common with each other than differences, and our differences should be celebrated instead of being a source of hating each other.

Spread some good today…give someone a compliment. Your health will thank you, and so will other living beings.

Joy to you! Here is a photo from our ranch Terreni D’ Oro


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