Bathroom Furniture

Antiquing is a passion. I love old things, shiny things, things that reflect and refract light. When shopping for antiques, there needs to be a feeling about the piece. Usually, when I see it I just know, but there have been things I have purchased, and they just did not fit.

Once, I purchased this beautiful library table when I lived in Indianapolis. I saved my money week by week. Visited the piece, and just looked at it. Finally, I got to bring it home. The gentlemen that worked at the antique store brought it the long flight of stairs. It looked great. Then, I had to go and buy a file cabinet, it didn’t fit under the table. I sawed off the feet with a knife. Yep!

When my husband and I went house hunting several years ago we loved a piece of furniture, and have been wanting a piece like it since the first time we saw it. When we purchased this house we had the perfect place to add the furniture. Now, we had to find it.

A couple of weeks ago I was hell bent to find the piece. I went to an antique store, and ask them for a secretary side by side, they had one. They had just bumped the price down on it the day before I came into the shop. I purchased it, and we went to get pick it up a week later.

Here is what it looks like in my bathroom…IMG_2990

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