The New Chapter

The new chapter of our life has pages being added by the day. This week, I have been really busy with the property. We have had the record breaking cold here in our area. So, heaters have been checked, water checked, and then I also have a remodel underway as well.

In addition we have three birthdays, and Christmas to take care of too. This week we have furniture that is being delivered, so we have to organized more rooms. Which in turn means that I have more rooms that look like home, instead of boxes still waiting to find a place to call home.

Today we went to the gun show, yes guns. I love Barretta’s! I like to look for the antique ones, or the Ducks Unlimited shotgun. I like to target practice. We have a little range for practice.

We loaded up our chicken coop from Cal-Ag, in the back of our pick up truck. We unloaded it with the fork life. So, in the spring I will have some “subjects”. LOL! We are going to have a little chicken community and name our little community “Rockridge”, the area where we lived in the Bay Area.



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