Recently, I was reading about anger, and how our internal energy effects living organisms around us. Our energy weather it is positive or negative effects other organisms as small as yogurt bacteria. Bio cellular communication experiments have been done on sperm, and other cells and the donors of the cells. When men gave they sperm to the experiment the men were instructed to watch a scary movie, and the sperm that were 300 miles away had a hyper stimulated response.

There is believed to be a interspecies cellular communication. When we are happy and have positive messages for one another we make effect all the life around us. As I was reading the studies I thought of Native Americans and the belief of treating all living beings with reverence and great respect. I think of how our good energy at Mass is communicated to others as we shake hands. I think of the smiles in the grocery store from strangers. I also think of how our happiness makes others happy. Saying something positive to someone makes their day and they pass it on to another person.

Anger is bitter. Although momentary anger is one thing, holding on to anger is posion to you and everyone around you. Let go of your anger, and allow love to take over your heart. Isn’t it time that we all accepted each other as we are? Isn’t it time to let go of what our ancestors have done, and live in the here and now? We have more in common with each other than differences, and our differences should be celebrated instead of being a source of hating each other.

Spread some good today…give someone a compliment. Your health will thank you, and so will other living beings.

Joy to you! Here is a photo from our ranch Terreni D’ Oro




I attended a great party last week! My husband and I had so much fun at the home of our great friends. Before the party there were hours spent at the salon.

Spending time at the salon is like passing time with good friends. Talking away for the hours like young girls. It is easy to forget that before leaving there is the  bill for all that beauty! Before going to the salon I drank lots of tea, and had some soothing honey to feel better. I was starting to feel a little under the weather. By the end of all my treatments, there was a second wind.

The party had music, and many of the people were new to us, but there were some that we already knew well. My husband and I would meet up, tag, and then we were off again to meet others, talk, and eat. There was lots of wine, and Italian food, and water.

We left the party just in time, just like Cinderella my time was gone. My nose started to run like a fire hydrant, and then my eyes started to water. It is a good thing my husband was driving because I was blinded by tears. IMG_3098Here I am in my red dress ready for the party. This undo is my favorite.

The day after the party I was not doing so well. I drug myself to take care of business the next day, but the past couple of days have been brutal. This little bit of typing is a bit of a struggle.

My husband and children got our tree, but it look like the ones our ancestors had…bare. Not one ornament on the tree. It smells nice…it is just naked! LOL!

Enjoy your holiday fun. I will try to make the best of it. I am just grateful for being able to sit up this evening, and that I can actually smell the Christmas tree.  Merry Christmas to you all, and if you don’t celebrate the holiday…I hope your spirits are bright and cheery for the season. Be positive and share joy!


Bathroom Furniture

Antiquing is a passion. I love old things, shiny things, things that reflect and refract light. When shopping for antiques, there needs to be a feeling about the piece. Usually, when I see it I just know, but there have been things I have purchased, and they just did not fit.

Once, I purchased this beautiful library table when I lived in Indianapolis. I saved my money week by week. Visited the piece, and just looked at it. Finally, I got to bring it home. The gentlemen that worked at the antique store brought it the long flight of stairs. It looked great. Then, I had to go and buy a file cabinet, it didn’t fit under the table. I sawed off the feet with a knife. Yep!

When my husband and I went house hunting several years ago we loved a piece of furniture, and have been wanting a piece like it since the first time we saw it. When we purchased this house we had the perfect place to add the furniture. Now, we had to find it.

A couple of weeks ago I was hell bent to find the piece. I went to an antique store, and ask them for a secretary side by side, they had one. They had just bumped the price down on it the day before I came into the shop. I purchased it, and we went to get pick it up a week later.

Here is what it looks like in my bathroom…IMG_2990


What to do?

My mom was telling me recently that she doesn’t feel like having Christmas dinner at her house. She told me she was tired of being the one to cook and clean up the mess after everyone leaves. Being the oldest, I had to ask my other family members…Why? Why aren’t you helping mom after dinner?

Each person told me that they have asked to help her, yet she says she will do it. Ok, there is the polite…Oh, I can take care of it. Well, if you say you are going to take care of it, I believe you have no right to complain. When someone ask me…Is there something I can help you do? I give them something to do, or tell them I don’t need help because I am really going to do it myself.

Where is the line? At what point do you stop asking…Is there anything I can help you do? I get that this is a dilemma for many families. At one point you can also just get up and start cleaning things, and just help.

What is the unspoken rule in your family?


The New Chapter

The new chapter of our life has pages being added by the day. This week, I have been really busy with the property. We have had the record breaking cold here in our area. So, heaters have been checked, water checked, and then I also have a remodel underway as well.

In addition we have three birthdays, and Christmas to take care of too. This week we have furniture that is being delivered, so we have to organized more rooms. Which in turn means that I have more rooms that look like home, instead of boxes still waiting to find a place to call home.

Today we went to the gun show, yes guns. I love Barretta’s! I like to look for the antique ones, or the Ducks Unlimited shotgun. I like to target practice. We have a little range for practice.

We loaded up our chicken coop from Cal-Ag, in the back of our pick up truck. We unloaded it with the fork life. So, in the spring I will have some “subjects”. LOL! We are going to have a little chicken community and name our little community “Rockridge”, the area where we lived in the Bay Area.




Avila Valley Barn

Last week we were craving some fresh apples. The grocery store apples are just so, how do I say…sucky! I can’t even eat them!

My husband found out about a great place to buy fresh fruit. The drive is lovely going to Avila Valley Barn, and the parking lot was full. There are farm animals from horses, chickens, llama’s, and goats. I am pretty sure there were a couple of milking cows. Hay rides for people to enjoy, and Santa and Mrs. Claus were there too.

My husband had to buy a couple of pies, and we purchased fresh fruit. We will be retuning soon to Avila Valley Barn. Here is a photo I took of the windmill.

IMG_3142 If you would love to learn more about Avila Valley Barn, click on the name.



Now that Terreni D’ Oro is starting to grow. Terreni D’ Oro is really starting to take shape. Soon, we will have landscaping and my much anticipated fountain. I was kind of wanting a putti peeing, but that isn’t front yard material. LOL! We always had lions flanking the stairs at our other house, and I love lions. Maybe, some fountain with a lion. I haven’t decided yet.

We will have our chicken coop any day, and in the spring there will be bees. I am pretty excited about all of it.  http://terrenidoro.wordpress.com

This blog is more about my personal desires and Bella Vita. I hope you will find it all engaging enough to stay. The Central Coast is my new home….IMG_3148