Galleria, Happiness Project, Museum Monday

Victor Cacciarelli

This is a watercolor. Victor was an 18th Century painter from Italy. The contrasting colors, and the details of the interior are exquisite.

CardinalHere are some of the details that are just amazing.

Cardinal detailThe old, yet crisp white face juxtaposed over the tapestry of the Llast Supper” Notice how Jesus is leaving his hand out, referring to the Cardinal. The lamp overhead hangs perfectly in between Jesus and the Cardinal.

Cardinal EaselTake a look at the cloth under the red robe, the detail of the lace is amazing. The beautiful, baby blue silk bookmark is yet another detail that is so simple, yet intricate.

Interiors and reading are a few of my favorite subjects. When the paintings are watercolors, they are that much more interesting because of the skill involved in creating such a masterpiece.

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