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African Geese at Terreni D’ Oro Estate Ranch

If you follow my blog you know that we lost our duck “Buttercup” to some kind of predator. We are still not sure what animal took our beloved Buttercup. In addition to our 11 ducks, we also have two African Geese. We purchased them when they were small, and one of them was very sick. It couldn’t even lift up its head, or make any noise. Her feet were curled up, and very pale. We called vets to see if there was a way we could get an appointment, but we were told they did not help “water fowl”. My husband remembered that when our dog was stung by a Tarantula Hawk, I gave her some Benadryl. He cut the Benadryl into a very small segment, and gave it to her. Several hours later she was starting to improve.

Her feet were no longer so pale. She couldn’t hold her head up yet, but one of her feet was starting to improve too. By the next day, she looked better, and she could stand again on her feet. She was resting a little more that usual, but she was improving. We tried to just focus on her achievement to get better! By the third day, one could never tell that she had an issue at all. She was honking, and walking.

Today, the two of them wait until all the chickens and the ducks are in their homes before they go into their duck house. They honk loudly to alert the dogs that something is not right. Just this mooring the geese were honking, ducks were quacking, and the chickens were clucking to tell us that there was a coyote outside the coops. I am pretty impressed how smart they are. Here is a recent photo of them with the ducks.

African Goose

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