Lady Johanna Percy/15th Great Grandmother

“All kings and queens are not born of royal bloodlines. Some become royal because of what they do once they realize who they are.” Pharrell Williams

Lady Johanna is another ancestor from Alda Tribble, the mother of my grandfather Ernest E Gray.

This is where Lady Johanna grew up…



Lady Joan Percy, Lady, born Abt. 1460 in Alnwick Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland, England; died Aft. 1540 in Prittlewell, Essex, England. She was the daughter of 2. Lord Egremont 1st Thomas Percy, Lord Egremont and 3. Eleanor Harbottle. She married (1) John Harris Abt. 1477. He was born Bet. 1456 – 1467 in Prittewell, Essex, England, and died 08 June 1508 in Date of Will Prittlewell, Essex, England. He was the son of William Harris, Of Prittewell and Anne Jernegan. She married (2) Arthur Harris Abt. 1509 in Prittlewell, Essex, England. He was born Abt. 1456 in Prittlewell, Essex, England, and died Bet. 1538 – 1540 in England. He was the son of William Harris, Of Prittewell and Anne Jernegan.

More About Lady Joan Percy, Lady: 1: it is not proven that John and Arthur Harris md the same Joan Percy 2: 1558, Visitation 3: MAY BE D/O HENRY PERCY AND MAUD HERBERT? 4: film 1761147 (British Isles) Aka (Facts Pg): Johanne Percy Burial: St. Mary Church, Prittlewell, Essex, England LDS ID: 9LQ1-S3

More About Arthur Harris: 1: it is not proven that John and Arthur Harris md the same Joan Percy Aka (Facts Pg): Arthur Herris Burial: St. Mary Church, Prittlewell, Essex, England

Generation No. 2

2. Lord Egremont 1st Thomas Percy, Lord Egremont, born 29 November 1422 in Leconfield, Yorkshire, England (2nd son of Henry); died 10 July 1460 in Battle of Northampton. He was the son of Henry Percy, Earl Northumberland 2Nd and Eleanor Neville, Countess Northumberland. He married 3. Eleanor Harbottle Abt. 1455. 3. Eleanor Harbottle, born Abt. 1426 in Beamish, England (Northumberland)?; died 1483. She was the daughter of Richard Harbottle, Sir Knight and <Unnamed>.

More About Lord Egremont 1st Thomas Percy, Lord Egremont: Acceeded: 20 November 1449, Lord Egremont the First Note: Shown as 2nd child by Brian Tompsett

More About Eleanor Harbottle: 1: 1558, Visitation Daughter & coheir to Sir Richard Harbottel, Knight from visitation of Essex

Children of Thomas Percy and Eleanor Harbottle are: i. Lord Egremont 2nd John Percy, Lord Egremont 2Nd, born Abt. 1459 in Alnwick, Northumberland, England; died Bef. 21 March 1495/96. ii. Lady Joan Percy, Lady, born Abt. 1460 in Alnwick Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland, England; died Aft. 1540 in Prittlewell, Essex, England; married (1) John Harris Abt. 1477; married (2) Arthur Harris Abt. 1509 in Prittlewell, Essex, England.


  1. on Abt. 1490 in England to Arthur Harris (1475-1537), son of William Harris and Anne Jernegan.

Children of Johanna Percy and Arthur Harris are:

  1. William Harris, b. 1505, Southminster, England, d. 1556, Southminster, England.
  2. Alice HARRIS

Raising Montessori Kids

“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world” Maria Montessori

My children are grown up now, but I stayed home with them when they were young. We had Homeschool Preschool, and I had lesson plans for everyday of the month. We had art classes, botany, science, zoology, art history, cooking, and we went on outings.

I joined a group on line with other moms and we would meet at a different park each week and take the kids on hikes or let them play. My son would often clean the slide before he would go down the slide, he was never keen on sliding.

Some of my favorite memories of the kids being young were the times we were doing projects. I know the kids feel the same way. Making their own version of play dough, doing science experiments, making crafts, making our own ice cream. They had their own stools and aprons for cooking, and cleaned up after they were done. Oh, how I love those memories. I used to even make little movies I would send from my “Logitech” camera to my family members that lived on the other side of the country.

I am grateful that my husband and I made the decision to keep our kids home during their preschool years. Giving them a treasure chest of memories of us doing and learning together. My belief is the children have strong family ties because of raising them with a family first ethics. We have always taught them family, friends, community, country, world. They were taught to give back to their community, and they are still givers.

Here is my recent graduate…IMG_9565

Brand Recognition

“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.” Benjamin Franklin

We are out and about these days. Just a few weeks ago Sunni and I were in San Francisco. We are out there to make sure people know San Marcos Creek Vineyard and Winery. We recently scored a gold medal, 95 points and Best in Class for our Cabernet Sauvignon at the Los Angles International Wine Competition. Not too shabby!

This week is no different, we have four events to attend this week. My highlight is going to be the Mac and Cheese Festival. Several chefs all over the area are making their own special Mac and Cheese dish, then submitting it to the judges.


Farm Plans…

“Family farms and small business are the backbone of our communities.” Tom Allen


This is Tinkerbell with her recent baby. Her baby is a female, all black with golden eyebrows. She is a beauty! Our  females are kept, but the males are sold or castrated so we can keep them.

So, what’s the future for the farm? Well, first we need fences for our chicken area, so we can have chickens on the farm again. We learned our lesson about having chickens free range on a 42 acre farm. The area will also include little garden areas for the chickens. We will plant special herbs and grasses just for them. We will have rotation areas where they can eat, then go back to their coops.

There’s a two area area in front of our guest house that will become our lavender field. We will sell the lavender, and also utilize it in our goat milk soap. We already have bees on our farms, and we will have more hives once we have more flowers. Chamomile is another herb we will have on the farm too.

Olive, apple, pear, and grapes will make this a nice family farm. We will have an intern living on the farm that will take care of Terreni D’ Oro Estate Farm, and hopefully our intern will turn into an employee. Our first priority is getting the winery in its strongest position. In the next five years, people will be able to come visit the farm and the animals.


Morelli Family Sunday

I’m going to introduce you to the dishes we cook at home, and some that Cesarina (my mother in law) taught me to make. I mean, joining an Italian family, you have to know how to cook food that momma knew how to do. One thing about Ceasarina…she knew how to cook good food, and utilized what she had on hand to do it. I love cooking, my husband loves to cook. Our children went to culinary art camp. They make dinners for us when we are going to be getting home late from the winery.

Since we have a winery, I’ll also pair some fine wine with dinners. We do drink wine from other wineries. I am partial to French wines, and California wines, but always willing to try something new.

Our Sunday time together is a time to come back together. When our children were young we instilled the importance of gathering around the table to have dinner together. Our dinner time was always at 5:30. Since our kids were involved in activities and some sports we had to change the schedule to fit the activities and/or sports, but everyday we ate together. The only day we ate away from the table was Friday. It was always our pizza and movie night.

Now, the kids are grown up, and we still want to have special time with them. So, our time to share a meal is Sunday. We know everyone is going to be gathered together and share our crazy lives and laugh. It is so wonderful to have such a warm and loving family and hold on to at least a weekly tradition.

My hope is that you will love our “Morelli Family Sunday”, and join us for the rest of the week as we share our lives with one another.

Warm wishes,



Olives Trees

We have 641 Italian varieties of olive trees.

I understand typically you get 30 to 50 gallons per ton. A better way to think of it is each tree can make about 1 gallon of olive oil.

Oil sells from 40 to. 80 dollars per gallon wholesale depending on quality, retail bottled 240 dollars per gallon when put in 375 ml bottles.

The  previous owners planted the trees some 15 plus years ago, and they are mostly Italian varietals ..Frantoio, Leccino, Pendolino and Maurino. Also they mentioned that  there are a few Kalamata on the left side of the drive way. I hope this is helpful. It is best to pick before the frost although the olives may withstand one frost. The earlier you pick the grassier the flavor so timing is important.

So far, this year has been a good year. We plan to sell our crop this year, and prepare to press and bottle our crop next year. Take a look at how beautifully the olive groove is doing this year…

John Harris, 14th Great Grandfather

121336845_138640248243“I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires.” Susan B. Anthony

John died fairly young, yet his parents lived into their 70’s and 80’s. Although, I have not found any proof that he was in the war, but at this time the persecution of Catholics and Protestants was at its zenith. Even rumors from someone could get you tortured, and possibly killed.

John is my 14 great grandfather going back to Alda Tribble, the mother of my grandfather Ernest E. Gray. The record below was Created by: Marjorie Harris McLean Record added: Dec 07, 2013

John Harris, yeoman of Hatherup, county of Gloucester, England, born as early as 1513 in England. He married Anne  about 1533. His will was dated October 22, 1553, and proved June 4, 1554. Left the lease of the house in which he dwelt to his daughter Alice Wynchcumbe (Winchkome, Winchcombe) and if she should die before it expired, the remainder of the term was to belong to her daughter. His two sons, William and John Harris, received seventy-two acres of land, a sheep pasture and also ten sheep and a bullock apiece. The residuary legatee and executrix was his wife Anne Harris. (Plus names of overseers and witnesses). The will of Annis Harris, widow, of Hatherup, was made June 17, 1585, and proved Feb. 5, 1585/6. She gave her daughter Alice Winchcombe a new gown, three sheets, etc. and made small personal gifts to Anne, James, John and Thomas Winchcombe, William, Anthony, and John Harris the younger and some friends. The residuary legatee and executor was Richard Harris.
Hatherup and Fairford, two neighboring parishes in the county of Gloucester, and the printed index of wills at Gloucester, containing references to several wills of Harrises of Hatherup brought the search to a satisfactory conclusion. Hatherup is situated on a hill rising from the valley of the river Coln in one of the most picturesque districts of Gloucestershire. The village itself is a mere appendage to the manorhouse, now called Hatherup Castle and the home of Sir Thomas Bazeley.