Sock Curator

Sheba, is our Cane Corso. img_9030

She loves socks. She comes upstairs in the middle of the night and steals at least one sock. Sometimes, she even steals one sock per family member. I guess, she doesn’t want one of us to feel left out of her pack. LOL! She is 9 years old, and will turn 10 on December 24th. Her sister passed away last spring of bone cancer. She still has her little buddy Gucci. Gucci, is her four pound side kick. We will take a look at Gucci next week.


Here are some of the socks I found around the house.

See, everyone in our family collects something. Sheba just has a thing for socks.

Meadow Gist


Welcome to another week of Museum Monday. This is one of the  are pieces that I have in my collection. Every week bringing an awareness to the many different artists out there in the world. There are so many, with a variety of specialties.

Several years ago Meadow was one artist that became an obsession. Her work goes beyond just painting, but she also makes the costumes that are used in her paintings. I am the proud owner of many of her paintings. The detail of this painting is of the harp player. It hangs in my living room. All the paintings that are in my home are period pieces Meadow painted of the Revolutionary period of United States. I just love the authentic look of the characters in her art. She knows how to capture the people, and place them in an intimate moment. The viewer feels like they have just walked in on a moment that was a private one. The fabrics and colors of the materials that are used are so spot on with the depiction. The dress of the harp player looks soft and has so much volume. The look of the  gentleman’s cotton shirt looks like it has been line dried. Soft after wearing, but just a little stiff when donning the shirt. The light coming in through the window is diffused just enough to cast an aura around the harp player. Love your work Meadow!

Homemade Play Dough

After my husband and I were married we decided that when we had children that I would stay home with the children. I obtained my Montessori Certification, and we had preschool homeschool. At least once a week we made homemade play dough. I thought maybe there would be some people out there that would like the recipe.

My kids loved this project. Cooking and doing fun crafts should be a part of every childhood.

Here is the recipe…

1 cup of all purpose flour

2 teaspoons of cream of tartar (find it in the spice section of a local grocery store)

1/2 teaspoon of salt

1 cup of water

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 teaspoon of vanilla, lavender, peppermint, or any essence oil you like

Add about 20 drops of food color. Count out loud as adding. We used to do one color a week. We would do one week red, next week blue, then the next week make purple. It’s neat to add the color with the fragrance. Purple as lavender, green and add apple scent, etc.

Cook all the ingredients in a 2 quart pot. Stir over the heat until it becomes a ball.

Remove from the heat, and cut in half…let it sit because it is very hot!!!  I used to roll it on the granite, since it will cool very nicely.  It will keep for more than a week in a freezer bag.

Make sure the kids don’t eat it!

Meet Matilda…

We have several ducks at the winery, but Matilda is special. She gets so excited when someone walks to the stainless steel garbage can, that is full of duck food. As soon as one nears the food can, she is wagging her tail, and panting like a dog. I mean, it is an audible pant…HEAVING BREATHING. Our theory is…she was raised with dogs. She likes people, and likes it when people come near her. The other ducks are a little skittish when people come to close, but not Matilda.

She really has a great personality, truly, a one of a kind.

Just Stella…

Look how big and strong our Stella has grown. She is still drinking from mom, but she also eats hay. One strand at a time, but hey, it’s really food. She runs around the pasture, and she is pretty fast. Still, she is very lovey, and loves to have her head stretched. What a sweetie she has become. We just love her.

Tanya Amberson


Dogs, I just love them. Tanya paints some of the greatest dog paintings, and I was drawn to her dog paintings. Not every artist has a talent for painting all things. There are times when I choose an artist for a specific genera that I especially like for them to paint for me.

I commissioned Tanya do paint many dog paintings for me. In fact one year I ask her to paint several of my family members a dog painting. The one below is one of two that I have of Greyhounds frolicking in the yard. I just love the way old master painters depicted greyhounds with tassels around their neck, so Tanya included that in the painting.

She really seems to capture the essence of the dogs. Not every artist captures the essence of an animal. Tanya seems to get into the soul of the animal and shares it in her paintings.

William Mobley Sr.